Your  New 2015 Parish Council

Everyone is invited to attend our council meetings, please see weekly bulletins for dates and times of meetings.

Chairperson:Bob Oleksiw
Vice-Chairperson:Natalie Millhiser
Secretary:Don Osadec
Treasurer:Allan Struk
Kitchen:Mrs Olga Czerwoniak
Maintenance CoordinatorJerry Pryshlak
Social ConvenerTerry Hrankowski
Spiritual Trustee:Ellen Ternowski
Parish Bingo:Mrs. Mary Trush
Activity CentreFr. Anton
Music:Msgr. Anton 
Ms. Svitlana Karpus
Bereavement:Mrs. Dora Holubowsky

Check out our Bulletins for times and dates of our Parish Council Meetings

Feel free to come by and meet us!